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Thursday, May 27, 2010

"The Secret" - Read this if it isn't working for you.

I remember the spark of hope I felt when I watched The Secret. I remember thinking to myself, Yes, I can carve my own destiny – FINALLY!

How many of us saw that flame of hope dwindle bit by bit by frustration? Who honestly started to say things like:

- “What a load of croak, this thing doesn't work”


- “How come there are so many other people who can get it to work, but I just don't get it”

or even

- “Maybe the Universe is against me”.

Believe me, your not alone. A lot of people found that they were unable to make the Law of Attraction work in their lives the first time they tried it. Just like any new change, its a matter of practice. We didn't learn to run straight after we took our first steps as a child, there were periods of learning where we had to try over and over again, right?

It looked so easy on The Secret, however, we all know that everything is easier said than done.

Frustration makes it hard for us to stay positive. When everything around us screams negativity such as the down turn in the economy or the senseless killings that are committed everywhere everyday.

When this happens, when you seem to be bombarded by all this negativity, you start loosing all that positivity. That's right – instead of all the positive things you could be attracting, your frustrations and anger and fear start to manifest back at you and you start attracting negative experiences.

The question then is, how can we make the Law of Attraction work for us, without getting upset by the negativity going on around us? How do others succeed in implementing the Law of Attraction with such ease and confidence?

Let me give you a couple of quick tips that will help with the frustrating times, tips that will ensure you no longer feel like you are begging the universe for the things you want and tips that will have you manifesting like a pro.

1 - Allowing

Let go of the need to constantly bagger the Universe. Yep, that's right, a lot of us bagger the universe, asking over and over and over and over again for the things we want like spoilt children.

It like talking over a walky talky, how on earth are we going to receive anything from the other end if we constantly have our fingers on the talk button and we keep yapping into the speaker.

Once you have committed to what you want, put it out there to the Universe and hold the belief that it will happen without you needing to constantly nag. Let it go, allow the universe to do what's needed so that it can bring forward what it is you have asked of it.

2 - Patients

So many of us are ruled by instant gratification, then, when it doesn't happen straight away we decided its never going to work. Even worse than this, we throw more and more energy at it hoping that with more input the results will come faster.

Doubling your efforts is not going to make it happen any quicker. It would be like baking cookies and doubling the temperature. You'll end up with cookie ashes rather than yummy cookies.

To put it simply, there is a natural development time for everything. This will not change no matter what resources you put into it. Relax and be patient and most of all, remember that you, as a part of the universe, are governed by the laws of of the Universe and you can't change the natural development times of nature.

Keeping this simple tip in mind will lessen the frustrations we may have had previously and stop you from hitting that downward spiral of negativity.

3 - Knowledge and Self Belief

Just like learning to walk, you will need support. You will also need some guidance to help you do it, role models to follow.

People give up because they think that “The Secret” is the only way to be, do and have what they want in life. However, “The Secret” is only one of the many ways we can live our lives by our own design, it was never meant to be portrayed as the only requirement.

If we conclude that the Law of Attraction doesn't work and we give up, it means that we haven't taken the time to educate ourselves better. Watching “The Secret” over and over and over again, without looking at the other areas of our life is, is like trying to live a healthy life by exercising yet continuing to stuff our faces with the wrong foods.

Seek out the knowledge, find the people and communities where you are supported and where can support other like minded. Share your learnings as you move from newbie to expert so that others will be able to live a life of their own making and so they aren't getting caught up in the frustrations of negativity.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is not an overnight delivery service, if you do your part, the Universe will deliver.

The Law of Thinking

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