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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The 11 Forgotten Laws - Beyond the Law of Attraction

Life is not a mystery if you are willing to take the time to understand it. Our personal destiny is determined by our ruling mental state, like attracts like", therefore, we will attract to us those people, things and experiences that we are in tune with.

This is of course how "The Secret" has been revealed to the world. The secret of the Law of Attraction. All thoughts are energy, they are an actual force, even though they are invisible. Our thoughts are producing results or effects in our lives. Thus the term "thoughts become things".

We all create our reality, the state of mind in which we live in and hold true, so why is it that we feel so powerless to create success in our lives?

Our thoughts have to be combined with actions. All results come from an action of some kind, and lack of action often times gives us results that may not be to our liking.

If our lives are chaotic and disorganised, we can pretty much guarantee that our thoughts are in the same state which can cause us to be in a constant state of confusion.

We are consistently and constantly creating our reality in each moment of our lives, however, most of us are doing it unconsciously.

We can however, by becoming more consciously aware, live a life of peaceful bliss, a life filled with joy and learn to live with clarity. When thoughts of this kind of lifestyle are focused on constantly we will then attract these same influences into our life, be it through people, experiences or things.

Nature operates the same way. It has laws that govern it such as the law of gravity. Our lives are governed by laws, these laws are sometimes called the laws of spirituality or universal laws, one of these is of course the Law of Attraction.

There are others Laws that we can incorporate into our lives to ensure that we are living a life full of experiences that we enjoy.

In this Lens I want to cover 11 of these forgotten laws and how we can align ourselves with these to ensure we are able to have success, fulfilment and joy in each and every part of our lives.

This blog is dedicated to learning more about using the Laws of the Universe to live a more fulfilled life.

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